What is Second Place? Second Place has taken different forms over time, but ultimately, it’s the idea of bringing together a number of progressive design concepts into a separate room, home addition or a small, detached space. It’s our supposition that home design at this scale is about to get very interesting. We are seeing the combination of the digital and physical world, and now the merging of our work and personal lives. At Second Place, we discuss topics ranging from ADU’s home architecture, remote work and smart home/sustainable technology with the intent to make your space more efficient and your life less cumbersome. This in turn allows people to focus on the things that are truly important, their family, their goals, and their personal, emotional and spiritual growth as an individual.

The following four concepts – Remote work, Ergonomics, Small Architecture and Smart Home Technology. While there are many blogs on the internet to discuss these topics at large, and even specific subsets, We believe we are the first to bring the concept all together in a cohesive way to create a unique philosophical approach to design.


It is clear that remote work has grown in popularity and offers clear benefits to the right employee. This creates both opportunities and challenges for employees looking to reimagine their future work environment.


Ergonomics is the discipline of fitting the task to the user. Good design is far from being a solely visual art. We place a high emphasis on health and well- being. In our posts, we discuss methods for laying out and organizing the workspace as well as ways to self-assess your space for optimal comfort and efficiency. 


Small architecture in this context revolves around spaces that are typically under 1000 square feet. The reason we work at this scale is because increased scope can result in some loss of flexibility. When reimaging the architectural elements of a space, flexibility and user control are paramount. While we aren’t a blog on tiny houses, we do have an interest in thinking about the future of ADU’s, small living, home additions and workspace as well as redefining the interior of the home. 


The future of architecture will be an amalgam of both physical and digital realities. IOT (Internet of Things) technology will be a major part of that future. We will work to brainstorm new ways to integrate devices to create a smart space that makes your Second Place more secure and your lifestyle more efficient.