Floor Planner: Designing Small Spaces Without Breaking the Bank In a world where interior design and architecture software often come with hefty price tags and steep learning curves, finding a budget-friendly yet efficient option can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to designing smaller spaces. The idea of hiring

You can (and should) start small when considering AI to enhance productivity, conceptualization and design. As a blogger with a day job in architectural design, my primary focus revolves around writing about design-related topics. However, the overwhelming impact of AI on various industries, including architecture cannot be ignored. The widespread

5 ways the at-home office benefits those with alternative learning and communication styles “Listen, Just listen!” they say. Have you ever heard this from a long-winded instructor, coach or mentor? (As if anyone intentionally isn’t listening). I admit, I’ve heard this more than once over the years. It’s not to

A Tiny Office Design by Sett Studio Today’s blog post is an exciting one as it marks my first post with someone who actually builds tiny offices. A few weeks ago I was doing some digging and found this very neat little project online. The first thing to catch my

An Interview with Off-The-Grid housing expert LaMar Alexander Today’s blog post is an interview with Off-The Grid Housing expert LaMar Alexander. If you’re interested in small sustainable housing, prepping or Off-the Grid concepts, this is a name you should know if you haven’t heard of him already. Lamar is a

“Smart Home” Routines Without The Tech When I initially began working on the 2nd-Place concept, I really wanted to learn more about smart-home gadgets. I thought if only I could set my place up perfectly with the aid of technology, I could save hours in my day! It didn’t take

Considerations for the SmartHome

Considerations for the SmartHome Today I am happy to finally get around to writing about one the most fascinating topics that underpin the 2nd Place concept. That topic is Smarthomes. Last month I had the opportunity to discuss this subject with Michael Dye. As an introduction, Michael has spent 20

Conceptual Elevations for small houses and ADU’s As of late I have been thinking about how small housing designs or ADU’s can be translated into the context of the existing larger home. For a while now, one of my favorite activities has been walking through a neighborhood and seeing if

A COMPARISON OF ADU FRIENDLY CITIES AND HOW TO BECOME ONE A few weeks ago I got in contact with some people from the Department of City Planning in Pittsburgh to discuss their previous effort to launch an ADU pilot program as well as the future of accessory dwelling units

DISCUSSIONS WITH A LEADER IN DYNAMIC WORK – DESIGNING THE WORKPLACE At 2nd Place, there is a great deal of interest in fitting the task to the job and the home to the human and we are always looking for more information that will facilitate our learning journey.  Design comes

ERGONOMICS, DESIGN AND THE AT-HOME OFFICE This past week, we had a great e-mail interview with one of the leading ergonomics firms in the country. As one of our first interviews for the blog, we wanted to better understand the relationship between ergonomics and architectural design as well as provide