2nd Place is an idea that has been developing in Jordan and Lee’s mind for some time. The concept has taken many forms over the past few years, but it always came back to the idea of responsibly integrating technology into home living design in a way that promotes health and happiness. The modern workplace is stressful and at home life isn’t always much better. Our goal is to ensure that we are continually reconsidering our previous notions about what it means to have a healthy work life balance.

While we are always developing our Pillars of thought. The following are some of our current hypothesises with regard to the future of architectural design and the modern  work environment.

  • The open office strategy isn’t for everyone. In fact, Collaboration at the work place isn’t for everyone.
  • Some people want the time and energy to do deep focused work that they care about.
  • Small spaces allow for more control with less cost than ever before.
  • There are great workplaces, both of us work at a place we enjoy, but you shouldn’t have to rely on showing up to impress an employer or play office politics if you would rather let your work speak for its self.
Who are we and why are we the right people to write this blog?

Jordan is the creator of this blog and is a licensed Architect whose first introduction to small spaces had him winning the grand prize out of 31 contestants in 2014 for a tiny house design. He was the strange one in architecture school who was always trying to outdo himself. One of his first school projects was an attempt at designing a space based on the movement of smells – So yeah he is a bit of a weirdo dreamer, but also takes pride in relentlessly pursuing those dreams to make them become a reality. He has worked on projects over nearly all sectors of architecture and through all phases of design at some point in his career.

Lee heads up the Technology/IOT section of the blog and he is a wizard. When he was a young child, he was already building computers. He was even one of the few children selected to meet Bill Gates after winning a prize for a novel robotics concept. While his work now focuses more on business than technology, he is a creative personality with an incredible knack for figuring out efficient ways to solve a problem. If you have a challenging dilemma and want a creative solution, you’ll want to speak with him. He is inherently open to any new approach and will bring a unique level of excitement to every discussion.